so what is interaction design anyway?

Here's how some people describe this thing we call Interaction Design: 

“Information design is the skeleton; visual design is the flesh, and interaction design is the muscle that joins the two.” 

Valerie Casey

“No one cares about what you think, unless you do what you think. No one cares what you do, unless you think about what you do.”  

Jack Schulze, Berg London

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Check out the 2nd DESIRE Network conference, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 19-21 October 2011

DESIRE’11-Creativity and Innovation in Design

Create11 :: Keynote Speaker is Moritz Waldemeyer

2010 Programme and Presentations

A selection of the presentations from our speakers from the 2010 conference in Edinburgh. (Scroll down for the full programme)


Create10 Programme 

Download the full programme as a pdf

The conference took place in June 2010 at Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh Napier University, 10 Colinton Road, Edinburgh EH10 5DT.


SICSA Multi-touch Workshop

SICSA PhD students will be given priority for places, but all delegates are welcome to attend if there is sufficient capacity - limited to 15 places. More details here.
This event is presented by the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) MultimodalInteraction Research Theme. SICSA Multimodal Interaction Theme

Future Perfect: GPS The Future of Interactive Storytelling Alex Morgan, Adam Deane, Tom Flint, Edinburgh Napier University, UK 

A participative workshop including a location aware game, taking place around the Merchiston campus.


Conference showcase  

Posters and demonstrations will be on display throughout the conference, with a formal session on the first day.

  • Dan Wandrey, Arizona State University - Community Futures: Web Tools to Empower Public Participation in Urban Development
  • Noel Waite, University of Otago, New Zealand - Design History Exhibitions: the critical interaction of practice and people
  • Lawrence Giles, The University of Salford, UK - Invisible Signs
  • Bianca Herold, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen - Mastery, Puppetry and Self-Representation
  • Blanca Acuña, Aalto University, Finland - Designing a Digital Interface for Museum-Interpretation
  • Jim Wood, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK - LIM-pet tools for embodied interaction
  • Tin-Kai Chen, SHU-TE University, Taiwan - User-centred Design Guideline for Complex Visual Content: A Design Case Study of an Innovative Digital Shadow Theater in Taiwan
  • Devabrata Paramanik, Nottingham Trent University, UK - Creating hybrid printed textile designs through motion capture, visual programming language and digital inkjet printing technologies
  • Hayeon Yoo,  Royal College of Art, UK - Compass Phone
  • Jennifer Sarich-Harvey, Umea Institute of Design, Sweden - Ambient Nights
  • Stuart Cockbill, Coventry University, UK - Discover
  • Ulrich Lang, Hochschule fur Gestaltung Schwabisch Gmund, Germany - Haptic Indication of Direction
  • Patrick Tobias Fischer,  University of Strathclyde, UK - SMSlingshot - a Shared Encounter in Urban Space
  • Mariza Dima,  School of Arts Culture and Environment, University of Edinburgh - Hapty : a Haptically Augmented Animation tool
  • Ross McCully, Edinburgh Napier University, UK - Neotheia
  • Sarah Kettley,  Nottingham Trent University, UK - Fit for purpose? Pattern cutting and seams in wearables development
  • Florian Weingarten, TU-Berlin, Germany - Conveying Multimodal Interaction Possibilities through the use of Appearances
  • Scott Burns, Edinburgh Napier University, UK - LiveLink, interactive newspaper content
  • Pablo Prieto, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile - Exploring new intuitive interfaces for a natural design process
  • Xu Sun, Loughborough University, UK - Personalized Experience at Large Sporting Events
  • Zhe-Wei Lee,  Graduate Institute of Architecture NCTU, Taiwan - A New Communication Method Between Human And Space
  • Dries De Roeck, K.U.Leuven, Belgium - Bridging the Real and the Virtual: Low and High Fidelity Tabletop Prototyping
  • Chenyan Zhang, Lancaster University, UK - Is design merely a rational process? An investigation into the role of emotions in the design process
  • Simge Göksoy, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey - Online Social Networks In Industrial Product Design Studio Education
  • Aikaterini Antonopoulou, University of Edinburgh, UK -  Living In Second Life Versus Acting In Flash Mob
  • Ian Sharman, Edinburgh Napier University, UK - The Sin: Media Narratives of Urban Risk
  • Andrew O'Dowd, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

All submissions to the Create10 conference were independently peer-reviewed.

Create10 : Organising Committee

The conference took place in June 2010 at Edinburgh Napier University, UK

General Chair: Dr John Bonner, Huddersfield University

Local Chair: Dr Michael Smyth, Edinburgh Napier University

Programme Chair: Prof Ernest Edmonds, University of Technology Sydney

Exhibition & Student Competition Chair: Dr Shaleph O’Neill, Dundee University

Workshops & Panels Chair: Dr Oli Mival, Edinburgh Napier University

Ergonomics Society Liaison: Tony Russell-Rose, Endeca

British Computer Society Liaison: Tom McEwan, Edinburgh Napier University

Venue Liaison: Euan Winton, Edinburgh Napier University

Secretariat: Ingi Helgason, Edinburgh Napier University, Sue Hull, Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors